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[S1:E5] YOUTUBE SUBSCRIBER URL: How to create a trackable URL, that’s human-friendly, for external promotion.

That prompts visitors to subscribe and helps solve the beginner YouTubers problem of working with the horrid channel URL serial code. Works off-line in real-world print marketing campaigns as well.

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The Problem

Until you hit 100 subscribers on your channel you are forced to work with the channels URL being a serial code, that is long, unfriendly, in-human and contains upper & lowercase letters and numeric digits.

Let’s face it, you don’t want to put it on your business cards!


The Solution? Create a YouTube Subscriber URL

Step 1: Convert your regular channel URL, into a YouTube Subscriber URL

It’s really easy to do.

Click on your channels name, to view the channel and not a specific video.

Then at the end of the URL add the following code:


Copy the entire URL and test it by pasting it into a fresh browser tab.

Upon doing so you will be asked to subscribe to your channel. As will all your visitors who use the link.

However, the downside is that your URL is now even more unfriendly and even longer!

Step 2: Shortner and Tracker URL’s

You can use any type of URL shortener service, but the one I generally use is because they also track the URL’s usage making it a very handy way to test the success of your off-line real-world print media promotions.

So although it now be shorter, it’s still pretty ugly as a URL and possibly not something you would want to plaster all over your expo stand, business cards, and other print media.

[S1:E5] YouTube Subscriber URL Customisation

Step 3: Website Page, Domain Name, Subdomain or QR Code Redirect

The best way to get around the fact that your shortened trackable URL is not on-brand with your business is to use it as the destination when you create a website re-direct.

Likewise, you can purchase a second domain name and instead of using that for a website, point the domain name (from within your ISP control panel) to your shortened url instead.

Similar principle works by creating a sub-domain as part of your main hosting and re-directing that.

Or convert your shortened URL into a QR Code using one of the many free online tools that helps you do so. Then you can paste that all over your print media instead!

Step 4: Promote your YouTUbe Subscriber URL Shortened link everywhere!

The beauty of redirecting a domain name to your channel using the method above is that many social media profiles will provide a regular description field, where you insert this and talk about your channel.


They often provide a dedicated website URL address field, which doesn’t always allow you to insert a sub-domain or website page re-direct and definitely blocks social media profiles. So no matter what happens this domain name will always be accepted!

[S1:E5] YouTube Subscriber URL Customisation

Tools & Services

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  • Epic Sounds: background music
  • Adobe Creative Suite: mainly Premier Pro to edit the video.
  • Microsoft Office 365: Whiteboard App
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