WordPress.ORG VS WordPress.COM

[S1:E11] WORDPRESS.ORG VS WORDPRESS.COM: Everything you need to know in 2020 – explained!!

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The Problem

Not knowing there are two versions of a WordPress website

The majority of people who decide to launch a website often choose WordPress as the platform with which to do so.

There are many reasons for this, often price (WordPress is open source and free) to use. However, there are two versions.

WordPress – Hosted for You (by WordPress) (.com)

WordPress.com operates in much the same way as many other website services, all the behind the scenes “techy” stuff is done for you, you just have access to a user-friendly interface by which to style and manage your content.

WordPress – Self-Hosted DIY (.org)

WordPress.org requires you to download a copy of the open-source software. Then upload, install and configure their software with a MySQL database. More hands on, but you get ultimate control over the framework and functionality of your website.

THis is the option most website designers will suggest you go with, as long-term it provides the most freedom and flexability.

The problem is you either need to know what you are doing, to manage the site yourself or be able to afford to pay a skill expert to do the “techy” stuff for you.

The Solution

Figuring Out Which IS Best For You


If you are happy to learn as you go, feel comfortable working with digital technology or have the financial means to pay for people to help you out. Then the WordPress.org version is always going to be the better option. When you host the website yourself, you own it, it’s file’s and all it’s data. No one can turn off your services (unless you forget to pay the hosting). You can do what you want with the site, develop and grow, style and tweak any way you want, and if you can’t do it yourself, there is always the option to pay a developer who can do so for you.


If you’ve a small budget, not sure what exactly you need your website to do for you, for now, or you need to get a site up and running with the minimal of fuss, time and energy. Then this is a smart option. Furthermore, if you change your mind at a later date, either a skilled developer or WordPress themselves (for a fee) can help you move your website to your own hosting, meaning you don’t loose the site and your work on it so far.

The Benefits Gained

Both have pro’s and con’s.

Depending on if you rate, cost, flexibility, tailored features as the most important aspect, and more like this. It will help you choose which patht o go down.


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