WordPress Admin Panel Tutorial & Basic Settings Configuration


WordPress Admin Panel Tutorial TimeStamps

Orientation Tour

Initial Setting Configurtions

  • [14:07] Settings: General Configuration
  • [15:54] Settings: Writing Configuration
  • [17:20] Settings: Reading Configuration
  • [18:36] Settings: Discussion Configuration
  • [21:22] Settings: Media Configuration
  • [22:15] Settings: Permalink Configuration
  • [23:18] Settings: Privacy Configuration

The Problem

As a small business owner, you have to be the jack of all trades in your business operations. But sometimes, you just simply need to “do” a task and move on.

That’s why, having a basic understanding of how and where to find key aspects of your websites maintenance can save hours learning where things are at a later time and date.

The Solution

This video solution is split into two halves.

Orientation (First Half of Video)

In this first half of the video, I take you through the different area’s of your admin panel tools and features. Showing you what each is, why you would use it, providing some little hint’s tip’s and strategie’s as I go.

Initial Basic Settings Configuration (Second Half of Video)

Many of the settings that are applied by default when you install WordPress to an Out-Of-The-Box solution, (like we did in last weeks video), will be sufficent for your needs at this early phase of your WordPress Website design and build.

As I walk you through the orientation of the Settings features, I manually tweak a few of the settings, to help me work with WordPress in a way that I find comfortable.

How You Benefit

By learning to manage your WordPress website, many of the day-to-day tasks of content creation, you will be able to do for yourself.

Even if you are not particularly confident with the technical tasks that concern your site’s overal infrustructure and framework, you will at least have an idea of what developers and other designers are talking about when/if you choose to outsource any larger scale tasks.

As a business, you may also need to out-source admin type tasks such as SEO configuration of your blog and site, and/or employ website assistances to populate your blog articles with content for you. Therefore an understanding of how to manage users is also useful at this stage.

Tools Needed

  • Your WordPress Admin User login details.

Software & Service Providers Used to Make this Video:

  • Epidemic Sounds: Background music.
  • Answer The Public: Keyword research
  • Lastpass – You will need to create a number of different types of users and passwords, I use a password management tool such as Lastpass.

Need Help:

#AskMcCallMedia for free on Instagram or Twitter, else join my Solopreneurs Club, where my Facebook community or myself will be glad to assist.

Failing that, book a Quick-Chat appointment with me via Zoom using my digital diary.

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