Why McCall Media Want to Work with Apprentices


McCall Media have decided that we want to expand our team. Offering the chance for Apprentices to join our company is something we have been thinking about for a little while, so we are excited to offer that chance to a lucky few.

So, Why Apprentices?

Taking on apprentices gives us the chance to shape a young person into exactly what we need and what future businesses will be looking for in their employees. Angela wants to offer the right person a chance to showcase their skills and knowledge, to see how well they can implement it into real life situations.

By hiring apprentices, we hope to grow a productive and motivated workforce for the future. Having these students in our company will improve the range of knowledge in McCall Media, we will be working to enhance the apprentices skill development, which in time, will make the whole company more efficient.

Working with students who are ready to learn new things and function properly straight away in our business is something we are really looking forward too.


During the apprenticeship with McCall Media, students will gain hands on experience with real life clients and their projects. Every skill they learn with Ginger Nut will be given the chance to put into practice for McCall Media. Ginger Nut provides all our apprentices with in-house training and one-to-one support based on specific learning requirements and how they will use the knowledge within McCall Media.

Taking on study with our company means that apprentices are always supported throughout their studies. We want our employees to take pride in all of the work they do for us, so we will always offer extra training where necessary. McCall Media want to welcome new people and challenges into our environment, and we offer benefits as part of working with us (some that we have mentioned above).

Get in contact with us for more information on this.