We are now an Active Campaign Agency Partner


We have some great news. McCall Media Studios are now an Active Campaign Agency Partner. So, you may be wondering, what does this actually mean?

In this short article, we will be discussing:

  1. What is Active Campaign
  2. What it means to be an Agency Partner

What is Active Campaign

Active Campaign is a cloud software platform for small and medium sized business’. The program offers different automation options, email marketing, sales automation and Customer Relationship Management categories.

The Active Campaign software offers the chance to pre-build a variety of automations and funnels so that you don’t have to worry about this every time a new client joins your business. The software gives you the chance to work across different channels, personalize what you are doing and segment a variety of client lists to separate your customers accurately.

active campaign on phone

What it means to be an Agency Partner

Being an Agency Partner means that McCall Media, as a business, has the option to manage the whole sales process within Active Campaign. The Partner status then means we don’t have to refer business to the sales team all the time. We can now manage our clients accounts directly now that we are an Agency Partner.

McCall Media can now offer you immediate support rather than trying to get in contact with Active Campaign directly, meaning it saves you time, energy and money, the three main things business need to save as much as possible! This really helps our clients because McCall Media can now show them exactly what they need to do in order to grow their email list as much as possible and keep their customers hooked with each and every email.