Video Chapters & Timestamps

[S1:E38] YOUTUBE VIDEO CHAPTERS & TIMESTAMP MARKERS: What are they, how to use them and how they help your channel.


  • [00:00] Welcome Introduction
  • [01:16] Benefits
  • [02:29] Time Stamp Syntax
  • [07:52] Video Chapters
  • [11:17] Hyperlink to a TimeStamp
  • [13:37] Copy/Paste TimeStamps to your Blog Article as Hyperlinks
  • [14:31] YouTube Help Guide

The Problem

When you go to all the effort t, to attract visitors to your YouTube Channel and videos you don’t want to lose them.

This happens when they can’t find the nugget of information they want quickly from your video.

Loosing visitors is also an engagement tool that YouTube monitors and goes against the likelyhood of them supporting and promoting your channel as suggested content to others.

Which is, by the way, the golden opportunity you want to acheive.

The Solution

Therefore chapters are a powerful tool to embrace.

For example.

By naming your video chapters and timestamps, (00:00 at the start to turn those timestamps into video chapters), you will find that on certain videos a specific topic and chapter may be more popular then other content. It may be that viewers watch that small clip and then re-watch it.

At which point, firstly you can elaborate on that and turn it into a highly sort after video in it’s won right, but also you get to keep visitors engaged and also repeatedly watching your videos in a way, that without the chapters being available they wouldn’t have done. Because of the efforts of scrolling through to find the bit they want and then loosing where it starts!

The Benefits

Its all about helping your viewers have a better experience of your channel and your content, as a result they will be mroe likely to subscribe and stay notified as well as reqatch clips/chapters of video’s that work best for them.



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