7 x Types of Video Ideas and Styles

[S1:E8] 7 x TYPES OF VIDEO IDEAS and STYLES that are easy to implement as a Beginner on YouTube in 2020.

Types of Video Ideas & Styles Timestamp:

  • [01:05] How-to, Tutorials, DIY’s
  • [01:43] Interviews & Collaborations
  • [03:39] Reviews
  • [05:02] Analytics & Performance Reviews
  • [06:18] Engagement Reviews
  • [07:45] Challenges
  • [09:03] Vlogs
  • [10:46] 7 x Different Styles of Video

The Problem

Boredom & Monotony

Doing things in a different way can help build engagement and retain subscribers from unsubscribing.

The Solution

Variety is the spice of life!

Recording different styles of video content will allow you to keep things “interesting” for your audience.

In this video, I literally talk about the 7 different type of video ideas and styles that I will be adopting within my YouTube Channel over the comping months.

The Benefits Gained

Audience Retention

This can be interpreted as both the watch time hours gained, by viewers staying longer on your videos, watching your content.


Staying subscribed to your YouTube Channel.

Afterall, it took a lot of effort to get them to subscribe to you in the first place!


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