Why it should matter to you that we’re a Trading Standards Approved business!

So, what is the ‘Buy With Confidence‘ scheme and what does it mean to be ‘Trading Standards Approved’?

But more importantly – why you should care that we are!

It’s surprising how many businesses haven’t heard of the ‘Buy with Confidence’ scheme but as our director is a south coast girl, born and bred, the Buy With Confidence scheme is an accreditation that Angela had always planned on ensuring McCall Media Ltd aspired to. That is why we are pleased to explain our motivations behind applying for this accreditation so that you can believe in us, our skills, services, expertise, and products.

The scheme started out at a local authority level with Hampshire County Council being the first county to offer the accreditation.

Although it’s now a nationally recognised accreditation, Hampshire County Council still manage and oversee the Buy With Confidence schemes operations for the entire country.

The scheme is designed to help give peace of mind to consumers that an independent unbiased organisation has audited and vetted the business who proudly wear their badge, as operating to standards deemed professional and with the consumers best interests at heart.

Download a PDF copy of the Buy With Confidence Scheme leaflet (check your downloads folder)

An Unregulated Industry

The digital marketing, graphic design and web development industry is unregulated in the United Kingdom meaning it is often exploited by self-proclaimed “experts” and individuals who operate without qualifications and without formal training.

These “cowboys” often bring the reputation of the entire industry into shame, and for honest small business owners, like ourselves, it’s common to be cast into the same tinted light.

Why We Chose This Path

As a result, we believe that is imperative that our business rises head-and-shoulders above our competition and that we demonstrate our core ethos of operating in a professional manner. That is why we chose to put our business through a rigorous 6-week business audit.

The audit included a 2.5-hour meeting to review all our insurance policies, company terms & conditions of service, our privacy policy, our accreditations and certifications, a deep dive into our business processes, including how we handle complaints, store our client data, manage our on-boarding process and more.

To conclude this audit, the Trading Standards officer, then randomly selected a number of our clients to request testimonials from in order to independently verify what our clients think of us.

We are Proud to be a Buy With Confidence approved Business.

Business Insurance

As a small business, you have to have the right type of public liability, employers and professional indemnity insurance to operate correctly and legally.

Handling Client Complaints Correctly

Client complaints are rare within our business operations and as a small business such challenges would be handled by personally by our director Angela McCall. As our business grows, we will adopt this process, and with each annual review, we’ll ensure that our new procedures remain honourable to this accreditation.

Providing Invoices

Our businesses financial affairs are handled by an accountant, who also provides our daily book-keeping tasks and everything is managed by Quick Books, Stripe, Paypal, with sequential invoice numbers, and our legal trading details present.

Business Terms and Conditions & Privacy Policy

Having had both our businesses terms of service and privacy policy written by a local legal firm who specialises in business operations, trading standards literally only asked us to tweak just 5 words to conform to their standards, of having fair and honourable T&Cs.

Checking Over Accreditations

To be part of the ‘Buy with Confidence scheme, any claims made to qualifications, awards, governing bodies are also verified to ensure we are not misleading our clients.

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