Tools of the Trade – Part 1

[S1:E36] TOOLS OF THE TRADE: Just what companies, services and suppliers does a B2B operation need to success 100% virtually online in 2020?

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The Problem

Do you ever find the challenge of finding a new supplier a challenge?

You end up signing up for this, that and the other, forgetting where you’ve put your credit card details and if the company is actually going to do what you want and if they will connect to all the other companies that you work with.

Digital business life these days are quite complex and often a web of multiple companies connecting together, to creat one overal solution for your business.

It’s only when you are so far down a path, that you learn that a service provider was not the right choice.

The Solution

Speak to me.

I build and connect multiple of solutions together for clients and myself and have done so for the majority of 20+ years.

I’ve a good feel for companies that work together and if not, I also know what it is that I need to look for to see if that supplier is a good fit for your business, having established it’s future objectives.

In this video I pick out 5 companies that I have now displayed on my website.

I’ve so many more to update, which is why this vlog in only part 1, knowing the way I am going part 1, will be a part 2, 3 and 4 before the 2020 summer is out. But that is the nature of running a digital and virtual business.

The Benefits

For Examples – knowing what you want to do earlier on helps you so much later down the road on selecting the right tools of the trade for your business.

In the tail end of 2019, I swapped my email service provider from Constant Contact to Active Campaign. I just found that Active Campaign’s user interface worked better for me, and the way I liked to operate.

However, in Spring 2020, I decided to launch a membership site.

The tool I use is Paid Membership Pro, which means as a licence for this service I had to upgrade as Constant Contact was included an Active Campaign was not. Furthermore, I had to use a Zapier webhook to connect Active Campaign to Paid Membership Pro as they didn’t have an intergrated feature, which for Constant Contact.

However Active Campaign worked better with 2 other services I use, so sometimes you also have to take a hit in one place to excel in others.

So depending on your needs, the solution you start with, will help you, if you get it as close to perfect on first attempt, and if you don’t there is always a work around.



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