To Do List ProcRastination

[S1:E29] TO DO LIST PROCRASTINATION – how to prioritise your tasks, stay focused and not waste your energies.

To Do List ProcRastination Timestamp:

  • [02:37] Why we need to be strategic in our task prioritisation and efforts
  • [03:52] Being reactive vs proactive
  • [04:04] Top level approach
  • [04:42] Goal setting
  • [04:59] Managing your todo list
  • [05:52] 3 to 5 main priorities
  • [06:52] Handling overwhelm
  • [07:15] Increase clarity and focus
  • [09:23] The Pomodoro Technique
  • [11:23] The Eisenhower Principle
  • [16:54] High value tasks vs low value
  • [18:57] Valuing our personal time
  • [23:05] Brain-dumping your master list
  • [23:51] Connecting productivity with planning
  • [25:22] Summary

The Problem:

Ever get that feeling that the jobs you want to get done in your business, either for your own house-keeping or that of your clients tasks, are growing faster on your todo list then you can work through them.

I do!

If you find it over whelming, stressful and want to find a way to manage it and not let it manage you then today’s video live, has the solution.

The Solution:

In today’s video Solina Boshorin helps provide some insight into how we can be proactive with managing our todo lists and the tasks that it contains, instead of being managed by it.

Essentially, you need a system.

A way to prioritise those tasks that have the greatest positive impact on your business and its on-going future success.

There are lots of ways, tools, methodologies and startegies you can adopt.

We look at a few, but getting really clear on your days agenda, and picking out the big 4/5 tasks that will provide best use of your time, money, income and benefit to your business is where you need to start.

After all, you don’t want to be busy doing nothing all day long! Which essentially is what can happen when you focus your efforts on the wrong tasks.

The Benefit:

Your aim, is to become a well-oiled machine, that is highly focused on the activities you need to do, whilst having blinkers on, to other tasks, when you are not working on them.

Stick to one thing at a time, but more importantly, make sure that thing, it the right thing.

As you start to tick off you todo list, you will feel the pressure ease, as tasks that get completed help fuel your next activites and not hold them back, you will find your business operating in an upward spiral of success and not a downward spiral of dispair.



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