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[S1:E3] (My) Time Audit vs New YouTube Channel Needs – A real World Review!

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Where to begin?

To be honest, it does not matter if I tell you, you need 5 hours per video or 50 hours per week.

If you are busy, and you don’t have a lot of free time, then you need to find a strategy that works for you.

Perhaps that strategy is to start the wheels turning real slowly, with just one quality video a week over a couple of years, whilst you test what works, how you do things, what your audience things etc.

For me, I decided that I wanted an entirely different approach to my Solopreneur lifestyle than the previous 25+ years had afforded me.

Having taken a step back, into the employed world for just 2 years, to give myself to recover from burn out and to figure out exactly what it is that I want from my solopreneurial life, this time around it was all about building an audience first most.

Everything else will happen, but once and only once I have established myself and conquered one platform by which to grow my tribe of fans and followers.

mind map of the key Time Audit points to make
Time Audit Mind Map of Key Points

Personal Time Audit

Life happens.

I’ve kids to feed, laundry to wash, swimming lessons to sit out whilst I nurture my girls through their childhood.

By planning the time into my life that I HAD to focus on and was non-negotiable, I allowed myself to reflect on what true time I had left.

This then answered my internal debate for me.

Yes, I may want to publish 5 videos a week, but truly I only have the time and freedom to produce 3. So it was a case of quality over quantity. 3 honest vlogging accounts of my efforts to launch a YouTube channel, verse 5 videos just put out there, because that is what I wanted.

Test Run Everything

If you had of said to me, 6 weeks ago, you need to have test run everything, I would have thought this would have been a complete waste of my time. I’ve produced, edited and published videos before, I’ve hosted, scripted and public spoken before. Why would I need to test?

Well, it’s simple.

Time Audit Video Quote
Time Audit Video Quote

The first dozen videos I filmed, which at that time, for every intent and purposes, were going to be my “real-thing” I hated. I didn’t like the stiffness of an auto-cue, there were too many umming and arriving when freestyle ad-libbing. I thought editing would be an hour, instead, it was 5 for the first few videos, until I’d brushed off the cobwebs of skills not used for a couple of years and found my flow.

As such, by the time I got closer to what was my intended launch date for my channel (Monday 2nd March 2020), the more I realised how un-achievable 5 videos a week was going to be for me, whilst running a house, family, working a part-time job etc.

Learning the Hard Way

Having now had two weeks of wasted video content that I wasn’t happy with, I stopped and reflected, what had I accomplished? Essentially, a branding style, a voice and presenting style, a process for editing, a blueprint to follow when filming, the promotional strategies I needed and any graphic assets they required. Essentially, I’d built my systems the hard way.

But it had allowed me to realise exactly what time I was going to need to plan then research my content, film multiple takes, edit the video, create my commercial, photograph my social media pins, design my thumbnail, write my blog article, pre-schedule my social media posts and then rinse and repeat again 48 hours later for the next video!

I had in two weeks learnt to become a one-women production company and had built the machine to support it!

So if you are just starting out, and you’ve found yourself on this blog post of mine.

  1. Write a list of tasks, that you will need to do, for the successful creation and promotion of each video.
  2. Then allocate a time, you think each of those individual tasks will take.
  3. Then test and adjust that time, based on real-world experience (test runs).
  4. Then do a personal time audit of how much time you have in your life to dedicate to your YouTube Channel.
  5. And how long can you maintain that promotional schedule for? EG mine has a goal of 5 months, but I’d plan to review after the first 2 months.
  6. Then finally, work out how many times, you can comfortably and sustainably invest in the production of videos in any given week. (My answer was 3). Hence this became my schedule and second (currently unpaid) job!

Things to Consider on Your Personal Time Audit

  1. Date nights with boyfriends and husbands, unless you want to end up single.
  2. Date nights with children/friends unless you want to upset those dearest to you.
  3. Always plan in commuting time to get from A to B
  4. Plan to sleep, eat, cook, and do house-hold chores. A tidy house is a tidy mind! Well, it is for me… not that if you saw my house you’d think I followed this rule all the time.
  5. Plan in annual events, for a year-long focus, like family holidays, school breaks, festive seasons, birthdays, anniversary’s – this stuff happens!
  6. Finally, plan time off, or in my case leave it entirely free, that way you can use it for a catch-up, family time, a day’s out, extra filming etc.

Tools & Services

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  • Epic Sounds: background music
  • Adobe Creative Suite: mainly Premier Pro to edit the video.
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