Angela McCall
Multidisciplinary Digital Creative
(Managing Director)

With over 23 years of experience as a freelance website designer, there really is not much left untouched by this multi-disciplinary digital creative.

Starting out as a web programmer, Angela develops and designs websites, runs two YouTube tutorial-based channels, and jumps from Graphic Design project to Mobile App Design, to Video editing to strategically creating digital sales funnels for clients.

If it involves a digital creative skillset and has a flair for entrepreneurial success. Angela's been there, done that and now teaches the MMLtd team to do the same!

I've done the world's 3rd highest bungee jump in Queenstown, New Zealand. I've always wanted to be able to sing, but the only way I ever hit a note is with a hammer! I've slept in a the jungle, an ice-cave and climbed Mount Kinabalu in Malyasia!
3 Fun Facts About Angela
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Nicola Richardson
Human Resources

Nicola is the first official team member of MMLtd and has over 33 years of experience leading and managing teams, thus perfectly positioned in knowledge and expertise to take Angela's 2 decades of freelance experience and help nurture MMLtd into a fabulous team of young and growing talent.

When Nicola is not busy running (The People Mentor - Nicola's own business), or working on ours, Nicola is busy running after 15 grandchildren! There are not many scenarios that Nicola hasn't encountered. Another creative and experienced mind that fits perfectly with Angela and McCall Media Ltd's own visions and values.

I first started work in my parents' tea shop and bakery. To relax I make scrapbooks- I like to preserve old family photos for future generations.
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Rowan Lucas Smith
WordPress Developer

Rowan is a junior developer who recently graduated with a first-class honours degree in Computer Science from the University of Kent.

Rowan first become interested in technology and development as a way to create a (digital) world that fits the tools and tech to a purpose.

A philanthropist at heart, Rowan wants to expand tech's accessibility to the endeavours of people from all walks of life, prioritising human needs over tech's limitations.

As a fan of open-source software and open science initiatives, Rowan enjoys tinkering with personal projects in a range of technologies and is a major asset to the team.

I'm an artist, I play Dungeons and Dragons, and I keep Giant African Land Snails as pets.
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Fatma Aman
Business Administration Assistant

With an interest in the fashion world, Fatma started college at the age of 18, studying Fashion and Design. Fatma learnt how to use Illustrator which is now a tool Fatma loves. Fatma's spare time is spent painting in acrylic paint.

Having studied the business world of the fashion industry, Fatma joined McCall Media Ltd to see business administration from a slightly different angle.

As a Business Administration Assistant, Fatma plays a vital role in keeping the business organized, relieving the workload of our director Angela.

I won a finalist poetry slam with a medal. I love to go on adventures and take pictures.
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Danny Winch
Copy Writer

Danny is a junior copywriter who recently graduated in English Literature from Nottingham Trent University.

Danny has a passion for writing with experience in the creative industries as a screenwriter, playwright, author, and critical analyst. This has led Danny to be known as ‘the word guy’ within the company, taking care of all the copy and re-producing Angela’s video content into blog articles.

Danny has creative flair and channels this into writing engaging material to support the hard work performed by the rest of the team at McCall Media Studios.

I am the frontman of a Metal band. I starred in an award-winning feature-length film. I am a Grade Eight guitarist.
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