Streamyard Video Overlay Walkthrough

[S1:E27] Streamyard Video Overlay: I take you on the behind the scenes Premiere Pro video tour of how I built my 16-second intro video for My Streamyard Video Lives.

Streamyard Video Overlay TimeStamps:

  • [01:05] Intro to my Video Overlay
  • [01:51] Premier Pro
  • [02:50] Background Music
  • [04:18] Sound Effects
  • [05:00] Video Footage
  • [05:50] Speeding Clips Up
  • [06:48] Grey Masking Spot Colour
  • [07:42] Motion Tweening Spot Colour Masks!
  • [08:38] Commissioning Video Editors – Time Investment

The Problem

How time and effort is applied to filming, editing and publishing little custom video intros and outro’s like the 16 second McCall Media Coffee making routine demoed in todays broadcast!

From a visual end product, this 16 second clip took around 3 hours.


Roughly an hour of filming multiple little clips, waiting for a kettle to boil that kind of thing. The hardest show to gain was the stairs. My bannisters were totally in the way, in the end, I had to sellotape my iPhone to the bannister and then stuff tissue paper behind it on one side to angle the phone lens to capture both my feet and enough of the stairs to give the visual impact!

The Solution

By taking you behind the scene’s it helps to shed light, all be it at a very top level, the skills, tools, thought process, planning that can be needed.

When I look at things like this, and think about films (such as the Marvel series). When you see the credits roll at the end and they have 100’s and 100’s of people per skill set, and run take after take and have to edit/clip all those segments together, this little clip is not even a blip on the radar.


But as a small business, you can now start to appreiate why the average video editor charges around £120 per hour, and that this 16 second clip, would have been rounded up to be charged at 4 hours work, (or more likely a half day rate).

Of course, you then need to question if that is money and time well spent for your business. But that’s a discussion for another day.

The Benefit

B-roll footage or clips like this, bring a more professional look and feel to your videos. Most people can’t create them or don’t have the tools or resources to implement them. So by adding custom footage, it can bring you a more memorable experience, at which point being remembered above and beyond your competitors is what marketing is all about!



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