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[S1:E19]: SOCIAL MEDIA POST IMAGES – Why shoulD you include images?

Social Media Post Images Timestamp

  • [00:24] Question… Should you add images to social media posts?
  • [00:53] Metaphor example of their power
  • [02:15] Catching people focus
  • [02:55] Good looking guys/girls! Eye candy!
  • [03:27] Photos are more powerful than graphics
  • [04:16] The job of the image is to stop people scrolling and take notice
  • [04:50] Encourage people to take action
  • [05:12] 3 Seconds to grab attention (IMO its actually milliseconds)
  • [06:00] Video also take up real estate space on the screen.
  • [06:54] Forget trying to sell from within the post/click through focus.
  • [07:40] Dangle the carrot, tease them to want to learn more.
  • [08:13] Yes… I believe you should always use an image.
  • [08:40] Matrix… lady in the red dress walking against the black suits

The Problem:

People Scroll Past Your Posts

In such a busy/noisy world it’s often hard to be seen and found.

So posting to social media is a great free low-cost tactic to adopt, but everyone else and their brother has also had the same thought.

When coupled with how busy we all are, the chance of a post being seen when it is just text is very slim.

The Solution:

Visual Real Estate on Screen

When you post to social media and include a photo, image or video as part of the visual assets that accompanies your text, then what you have is a tactic that takes up lots of space within the devices monitor or screen.

This allows the human eye more of an opportunity to notice your post.

The Job of the Social Media Post Image is to stop scrolling actions and bring focus to the post and the message it conveys.

The Benefits:

Click Through Rates (CTR)

The primary reason you post to social media for business, is to gain leads and sales. But people think that they need to “sell” their entire business product service or worth in a single post.

This is almost entirely impossible to do.

Instead, recognise the social media post image as the tool that it is.

Call To Actions (CTA)

It’s sole purpose is to help the entire post get noticed, and the entire post’s job is to generate a click through to another page or platform where your ultimate goal, can be communicated, sold, or lead collected.

Make sure the post message has a clear teaser to invoke desire and one simple command for the viewer to take as it’s call to action.


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