SEO is DEAD in 2020!

[S1:E23] SEO is DEAD in 2020! We should focus on Paid Advertising instead. What do you think? Live thoughts.

SEO is DEAD in 2020 Timestamps:

  • [00:29] What is SEO?
  • [01:18] Google Hire’s TEAMS of the Smartest Minds
  • [02:50] Time, Money, Energy Investments
  • [03:37] Paid Advertising gives Ultimate Control
  • [05:21] Your Audience is on Facebook – But it’s like looking for a Needle in a Haystack.
  • [06:00] The Adverts Job is to provide a Click-Through to something that does the sale!
  • [06:39] One Advert, One Product/Service, One Niche-Focused Target Audience Group.
  • [08:00] SEO is brilliant for geographically restricted (bricks ‘n’ mortar) style businesses
  • [10:55] For B2B services providers you are competing with the world for rankings.
  • [12:00] SEO is like flogging a dead horse for most small businesses
  • [12:16] Yoast SEO Plugins for WordPress is the only monetary investment you need.
  • [13:10] #AskMcCallMedia your questions

The Problem:

SEO is an old strategy but technology has changed since it’s conception

SEO is dead in 2020 because it is a 20-year-old strategy that was born out of the birth of popularity of websites taking over the world at the end of the 1990s.

At one point it was THE and ONLY way to be found.

Get your website ranked on a search engine using specific words.

But that ethos has evolved… its no longer the best use of our money for the majority of small business owners.

I’d argue why, (and do) in this video, with anyone who wants to challenge me. (Normally over zealous SEO “experts” whose business I have most likely destroyed).

Time Money Energy Investment to WAIT Weeks for results

You literally have to wait weeks to see how the changes you made, weeks go effect your performance, only to discover over night, Google changes it’s algorithm and your efforts are now a total waste of time and money.

People think the adverts job is to sell… again wrong!

When placing an advert in a news paper was the way to sell your products or services, you can again understand how and why this logic is now carried through to peoples understanding of adverts on Social Media. But they are wrong. Your advert is to generate a click to another page that is entirely configured to do the sales. A small credit card size line or tect on social media advert and photo can not sell your entire companies value.

The Solution:

Paid Advertising is extremely powerful. It gives ultimate control over your budget, audience, and every single influencing metric that makes that advert what it is. You can pause at any time, tweak and watching real-time results how the clicks occur.

The Benefits:

Like any skill, paid advertising needs to be mastered.

You can’t just get in a car and expect to be able to drive like a formula one racing driver. You can’t just pay to boost an advert and know exactly how that helped you.

Those that say that paid advertising doesn’t work, are doing it wrong.

Your audience is on Facebook and other social media platforms. The problem is there are so many people on these platforms you need to understand the logistics of laser-focused advertising. Not shot gun approach of hit and hope you pick manage to get your target. (Gruesome metaphor but it’s literally the best way to explain how most people pay for their adverts and then complain they don’t work).



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