Self Publishing a Book: Interview

[S1:E14] SELF PUBLISHING A BOOK JOURNEY & INTERVIEW: With Anne Iarchy and Julia Firlotte

Self-Publishing a Book Journey & Interview Video Timestamps

The Problem

Often when you start out on an exciting new project like wanting to write a book to help endorse your skills and expertise, it’s hard to know where to start, what to expect, what hidden bumps along the way you may encounter.

Sometimes, sitting down with a good old cup of coffee, and having a natter with like-minded individuals is all you need.

That’s why, when my path crossed that of these two lovely ladies in relative short time space, and I learnt they were both on slightly different journeys but with the same objective and goal in mind.

The Solution

I knew I had to support them, interview them, and seek out those little gems of wisdom, that would help my fan’s and follower’s, should you choose to embark on a path like this for yourselves in the near future.

Their Journey

During the interview, I speak with Anne and Julia, about the different routes their individual book launches have taken them, the bumps in the road, the pro’s and con’s gained by their respective publication choices as well as the cost’s involved with regards to both time, money and energy investments.

My Big TakeAways

So having tinkered a little with some business planners being published, myself, via Amazon before their platform changed to the current KDP process, I could relate to many of the activities, but not quite at the indepth scale these lovely ladies got stuck in.

So here are some of the key little gems of information I thought useful.

If you plan to launch a book, buy your own ISBN so that you have full management control over where you distribute the book.

— Julia Firlotte

Allow at least the same amount of money to promote your book as you did to plan it’s launch, editing, design etc

— Julia Firlotte

A reasonable starter budget would be about £3000 to £6000 for a book launch, it depends on what tasks you choose to outsource.

— Anne Iarchy

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