Self-Hosted WordPress Installation

[S1:E13] Self-Hosted WordPress Installation: A full step-by-step guide to an out-of-the-box installation

Self-Hosted WordPress Installation Step-By-Step:

  • [01:48] Step 1: Hosting Management
  • [03:03] Step 2: Domain Name Management
  • [05:05] Step 3: Download Latest Zipped Files
  • [05:51] Step 4: Unzip/Extract All Files & Save To PC
  • [06:17] Step 5: FTP Software (Filezilla)
  • [08:06] Step 6: Understanding What WordPress Files to FTP To Your Hosting
  • [08:50] Step 7: SSL Certification, Security, Hosting Protection (Last Few Admin Tasks)
  • [11:43] Step 8: FTP Login Details
  • [14:02] Step 9: File Transfer WordPress From Local PC to Hosting
  • [19:24] Step 10: Configuring WordPress (Language Choice)
  • [20:18] Step 11: Configuring WordPress (MySQL Database Settings)
  • [21:21] Step 12: Configuring WordPress (Create Your Database)
  • [22:44] Step 13: Run The Installation
  • [23:11] Step 14: Create Your Website (Master) Admin User Login Details
  • [24:37] Step 15: Test Your Admin Login Works

The Problem

As a small business owner, you know you need a website.


Cashflow is tight, you’ve most likely not even started trading yet.

So by following me on my journey as I document the steps needed to launch and manage your own self-hosted WordPress installation, you’ll be able to

  • save yourself money,
  • understand more about the backend infrustructure of your WordPress Website
  • and how it works,

so that as and when you decide to out-source various tasks, you’ll at least be able to understand what it is you are talking about, this will stop you getting wripped off by over zealous Website Designers.

The Solution: Self-Hosted WordPress Installation

Learn to DIY!

In this video, I time-stamp the start of each step.

If you were to already know this process, then in all honesty, depending on the speed of your internet connection, installing a self-hosted wordpress website installation is about a 10 minute task.

However, I go deliberately slowly, as for many people, this is a task you will only ever need to do the once.

You don’t need to necessarily learn, but you will need to be able to follow.

Tools Needed:

  • – Download the latest version and save to your computer
  • Filezilla – Use the one your hosting company most likely provides, or this opensource software tool to transfer the unzipped WordPress files from your PC to your hosting space.
  • Ionos – they are a global company with many country-specific variations on their website. They used to be called 1&1 Internet. I think for a small business starting out, they provide easy-to-use account management tools and reasonable prices.
  • Lastpass – You will need to create a number of different types of users and passwords, I use a password management tool such as Lastpass.

Software & Service Providers Used to Make this Video:

Self-Hosted WordPress Installation - DIY
Video 2 in the WordPress Wednesday series

Top Tip:

Everything I show you in this video is a process that you only need to go through once, that is, if you ever only plan to own one website.

Therefore, when selecting a hosting company, choose one like Ionos, that has a wizard installation tool, that basically does everything for you.

The only down side of this is that Ionos, will most likely brand your admin panel with their logos, which will stick even if you decide to move your entire site at a later date.

Most decent website DEVELOPERS and not just a regular designer, will be able to remove this, but it takes time, effort, it’s very annoying and you will be paying them to do so.

If you do not want your hosting companies branding all over the backend admin panel of your website, your only solution, is to watch this video and do a Self-hosted WordPress Installation yourself!

Need Help:

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Failing that, book a Quick-Chat appointment with me via Zoom using my digital diary.

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