Season 1: Trailer

[S1:TRAILER] Season 1: It’s All About The Hustle

Ever wondered just what it takes to launch a successful YouTube Channel in 2020 – Season 1 Reveals All!

Me too… in fact, that is a slight lie, I’ve been down this path twice before.

But for a number of personal reasons, I abandoned my efforts – but not in 2020! This Season 1 is all about the hustle of launching my YouTube Channel.

My life-long passion to help the micro-business owner, working hard from their garage, spare room or a kitchen table.

Instead, I decided to research deeply into every single influencing metric that (I think) has a major part-to-play, in the ultimate success (or failure) of a YouTube Channel in 2020.

So having gathered my 25+ years of digitally creative skills together, I decided to publish 3 videos a week.

This will be my routine for the foreseeable future, whilst I focus my efforts to establish my channel in 2020.

Im going to investigate, visual presention, auditory commentary, seo configuration, content delivery, posting schedules.

In fact, if you can imagine it, at some point I will investigate and report on it.

Season 1: Corona Virus Update

So at Christmas 2019, I sat for days building my plan-of-attack for 2020.

Early into January I registered my business with the UK goverment and was planning on building momentum with an audience slowly.

I revamped and launched my channel early March.

By which time much of the world was becoming increasingly concerned with the spread of the Corona Virus.

Before the month was out, the UK was in lockdown.

My carefully planned routine, design to allow me to film my Season 1 content between part-time work and full-time mum duties, went right out the window.

Undeterred I carried on, but is was clear, my well-designed plan, wasn’t going to work in this new enviroment.

So before the end of March, I’d alredy stopped filming for a week or so to “restrategise” and re-think my 2020 plan of attack.

What was it that people in my micro-business, solopreneurial target market really need?

The result…
I re-structured my content into 3 categories as follows.

Marketing Monday’s

The videos I publish will focus primarily on low-cost, no-cost marketing strategies that any type of small business owner can adopt and implement.

WordPress Wednesday’s

Starting with a complete free tutorial series of videos teaching small business owners how to DIY manage and maintain a WordPress Website.

Freelancer Friday’s

A series of interviews, product reviews, digital service provider reviews, and other business operational hint’s tip’s and strategies thrown in.

Filming During Lockdown

Of course, as a single parent, with two beautiful children trapped at home. Calm and quietness for filming my video content is now an additional challenge.

The weekend lockdown came into force, my home-office curtain pole fell down.

Forcing me to work with tin-foil on my window’s due to the penetrating sunlight effecting my videos footage.

Needless to say, my routine often slides out of step but I have more or less published 3 videos a week.

But they might not always land on the Monday, Wednesday or Friday like I had hoped for.

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