Retargeting Adverts – Superpowers!

[S1:E24] RETARGETING ADVERTS: Are paid adverts with Superpowers!

Retargeting Adverts Timestamps:

  • [00:51] What are Retargeting Adverts?
  • [01:42] How do Retargeted Adverts Work?
  • [07:39] Change Your Adverts Offer/Wording – Highly Targeted.

The Problem:

Retargeting Adverts
Retargeting Adverts – Question from Viewer #ASKMCCALLMEDIA

The expense of running paid adverts

Like all businesses that pay to advertise their products and services. It’s a cost that often has an unknown result or benefit at the time you pay for the advert!

This shouldn’t be the case, but many people don’t know how to run paid adverts effectively.

You can’t expect to jump into a Formula 1 racing car, know how to drive it, and expect to win the next race, right off the start line.

Yet this is the crazy mindset approach people have for running paid adverts. They think it’s that easy and when it fails, they waste their money, it’s never them or their lack of skill that is the problem. It’s always the platform they choose, or it’s just not an approach that works for them!

Getting more oomph for your advertising spend

Regardless of your businesses size, you will always need to parttake in activites that will grow your leads and sales. But when it comes to advertising spend, you want to do all that you can to encourage Click-Through’s that send an audience elsewhere… to be able convert them to leads and sales.

So when you’ve the option to send out cold adverts to an unfamiliar audience or you can utilise and audience that have already visited your products and services, and know of you. The chances are your success will ultimately lay with the second group.

The Solution:

In fact… you should always be running two types of ad campaigns.

The cold-prospects campaign…. to constantly feed, all be it slowly… visitors to your site.

Then the warm-prospects campaign… to nurture those that already know all about you.

The Benefit:

By running retargeted ads you can hevily niche your advert topic. One ad, one purpose, one audience, one-call-to-action.

You can style the advert to talk about solving a specific problem, solving particular pain-points for the client and make yourself much more highly relatable.

Plus to sweeten the deal.

As you know this audience are already keen, you can thrown in an incentive (if you feel like) it, to help tip them off the fence and take action to purchase.



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