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Plan(ner) your Way to Success!

Be structured, organised, productive and professional In Your Video Production Process

Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail!

Benjamin Franklin

Someone once said to me… “do you think the director of the BBC gets up each morning, claps his hands together and thinks, right… what are we going to show on tv this week”?

Understanding the fact that planning and preparation is needed, doesn’t mean you know what tasks to do, what order they are needed and what metrics to track and understand.

That’s why I have launched this planner.

It started out as a tool I wanted to use to help collate and stucture my own YouTube Channel’s content, but it just kept on growing!

So I’ve launched it officially to help you excel with your YouTube Channels as well.

Enjoy 🙂

1 x Single Planner (Quarter)
One-Time Payment
£27+ VAT
Plan 3 Video's Per Week
For 13 Weeks (Quarter)
Perfect for those just starting out and still working out what their channels and content is all about.
1 x Single Planner Purchase
Publish 3 x Video's a Week Strategy
13 x Weeks of Planning
39 x Video Plans (1 x Quarter)
120gsm Internal Pages
450gsm External Covers
Spiral Spine - Fold Pages Back Easily!
Undated (Start when inspiration hits!)
Growth Goals & Expectations
Yearly Radar
Channel Authority Planning
Quarterly Focus Planning
Collaboration Tracking
Commenting & Engagement Strategy
Quarterly Video Production List
Plan Ahead
Future Video Topic Thoughts
How This Planner Works
McCall Media TV YT Video Support
Tools of the Trade Suggestions
10 Habits of YT Success
McCall Media Club House
Your Personal Growth
Affiliate Commission Scheme
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Unlimited Planners (Quarterly Subscription)
Quarterly Subscription
£27+ VAT
Plan 3 Video's Per Week
For Forever!
Perfect for those who want to be sent the very latest version in time for them to plan each quarter in stages
Everything as per the Single Planner
1 x New Planner Every 3 Months
Newest Version Guarantee'd
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