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[S1:E1] Welcome to my new YouTube Channel launch quest in 2020.

Welcome to My Quest TIMESTAMPS:

Stepping Back to Move Forwards

Having worked as a sole-trader for the majority of 25+ years, two years ago I had had enough. I quit a way of life that I had always known and went and got a part-time job, in order to take a mental break from the time-for-money, paid-by-the-hour, capped earning limitations that come with only having a certain number of hours in a week to work, a family to support and wanting to serve start-up Solopreneurs but whom always struggle with cash flow (like all businesses do when they are just starting out).

Working one-on-one wasn’t as profitable as it once was for me, the industry had changed, my life commitments had changed and I began to resent the nature of my work.

Something had to change.

So for the first year I found myself quite content to collect a monthly pay-cheque, despite it being smaller in size then I was used to, it’s regularity afforded me a planned cashflow in life and this provided me with mental space to begin to dream.

A dream that has resulted in my knowing what and how I now want to operate my solopreneurial lifestyle.

I want to empower solopreneurial success in others, regardless of where they are in the world or what line or work they are in.

My target audience

Solopreneurs, Freelancers, Micro-Business Owners, Sole-Traders, Creatives. Anyone working for themselves with at most one or two team members to support them.

If you are on the front line, working hard to deliver your products and services, whilst planing, managing and implementing your business strategies, then I want to support you, by showing you how to manage your digital marketing and online promotional strategies, by taking away the trial and error and simply reporting on the techniques that work.

All you need to do is rinse and repeat the good stuff!

Milestone One

In an ideal world, I am aiming to reach my businesses first true milestone by Friday 17th July 2020. That milestone being the monetisation of my new YouTube Channel.

This channel is just one piece of the jigsaw in my business launch (but a very vital one). So much so, that even though I will be legally allowed to trade from the 6th April 2020 in the UK. I haven’t designed or created any products or services to sell. Nor do I intend to do so, until I feel my new YouTube Channel has become a well-oiled machine in its own right.

Season 1 new YouTube Channel launch goals

Why This Specific Goal?

Simply put, between the start of March and Friday the 17th of July, my life has a regular routine around my young primary aged girls. We get up, go to work and school, do house and home chores and family tasks and then of an evening, I’ve time to work on the launch of my new YouTube Channel.

That is for 4.5 months until my girls break up from school for the summer holidays, at which point I’ve no clue where I will be with this channel and my launch efforts, so I figured this would be a good “time-frame” to use as a goal.

Channel Monetiseation Goal

Establishing this new YouTube Channel is the first phase in my Solopreneurial journey and so, as part of my quest, I aim to at least reach a point that YouTube will permit me to turn on Monetisation for this channel.

This means growing to 1000 subscribers and having generated more than 4000 watch hours.

Whether it is possible or not, in this time frame, is yet to be determined. Those that I have seen on YouTube whom have succeeded, generally are young, free and single, with some solopreneurs moving back home into their parents houses, simply to remove the burden of having to put a roof over their own heads, whilst their channels demand every minute of their attention and focus but without earning them any income.

So, I wanted to know, to report and to demonstrate just what it takes for an everyday Solopreneur, whose life has more obligations and commitments, just what it takes to become established (of sorts) on YouTube.

Changing parameters

One of the reasons I have chosen to take this approach is as a result of YouTube (like any social network or business) is a forever changing and evolving beast.

The platform as it stands today at the end of February 2020, is an entirely different ball-game to that when many of the professional YouTubers (whom I admire and look up to) started out.

Even in the few months, I’ve been planning my launch the terms behind the 4000 watch hours have change.

Meaning that YouTube announced in November 2019 that only public watched hours now contribute and not those of private videos or unlisted videos!

Steep Competition

Furthermore, (if I have got my facts right), its my understanding that YouTube currently receives over 400,000 watch hours of video uploaded to their platform every minute.

Every minute!

It does not matter what profession or industry you are in, with that much content your own market is going to be already heavily competitive.

Meaning that it’s necessary for new YouTubers to think outside the box, define different content, think of new material and approach their niche or chosen audience in yet another different light to those who’ve already established themselves.

For we (myself included) do not have the power to pull on past efforts. Therefore we will have to hustle more to get our foot in the door and claim a stake of our audiences watch time and attention.

What if I doN’t manage my goal at this time?

To be honest, I’m one of those people who can knuckle down and really focus when I’ve a purpose, a focus, something to work towards. I’ve excelled in all sales jobs and hit commission targets in my early career life and jobs.

When training for marathons or hiking endurance events, I’ll get up and go out and train in the wind and rain (because I live in the UK and I don’t have the luxury of training in nice weather) despite how much I really won’t want to. But without that goal or focus, I know I’ll stay in the warm and dry.

To me, business is just the same. I don’t want to drift or just go through the motions, I want to know where I am heading and why. This will allow me the opportunity to see if I have drifted off course or are true to my path.

If it takes me a year, so be it, I just felt that the time of year I am starting, the verse’s my own personal commitments and that YouTube’s own parameters all equated to being a very idyllic goal to strive towards.

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