Multi-Platform Live Streams for Business

[S1:22] Multi-Platform Live Streams for Business – is it worth the hassle? What technology do you need?

Multi-Platform Live Streams for Business Timestamps:

  • [01:00] Is it worth the hassle – in my opinion?
  • [01:38] Bumps in the road to overcoming – Twitter and Periscope
  • [03:29] Second bump in the road – LinkedIn Applications
  • [05:05] Downloading Live Videos, Edit to be less than 10 minutes long to upload
  • [05:50] YouTube (Monetisation) prefers videos over 10 minutes long!
  • [06:30] Audio quality considerations
  • [07:05] The Biggest Reason I chose to do Lives – Time Investment
  • [08:28] Forgiveness, Authentic, & Credibility for Knowledge.
  • [09:38] Intro’s and Outro’s overlay videos to spice the broadcast up!

The Problem:

Is it worth all the hassle?

In my honest opinion? – Yes!
The time I have saved from editing and promoting regular uploaded video’s due to how forgiving the live-streams are are a no-brainer.

Connecting multiple accounts technical issues

LinkedIn – You need to apply for the ability to go live. AND you need to evidence the fact that you have gone ‘live’ on other platforms!

Periscope – I set up an account months ago using my businesses Google Account. Forgot about it, but it was connected to Streamyard, and then I ended up setting up a 2nd account with my Twitter account. So now in a 30 day waiting zone for my second account to be terminated to free my Twitter Handle! Joy!

What software to use?

Streamyard. There are lots of companies.

But having watched a few live streams and asked about this seemed to be the tool for the job that everyone recommends. I have found it very easy to use and configure to my brand.

What hardware do you need?

My web-cam is about 3 years old and was about £80 when I bought it. It self-tracks but I feel the quality is still not as sharp as I’d like. I am yet to test if this is due to the visual quality being reduced via Streamyard’s streaming service.

My headphones & mic work well, except i personally feel I am very “tinny”. I suggest using headphones to avoid feed-back if talking with others.

I have already ordered a regular desktop free-standing mic to test if this improves the audio.

The Solutions:

For each pre-filmed video I edited. I have gained about 4 hours in the post-production stage.

Live streaming is more forgiving, plus I feel it builds better credability because you are live. You can’t fake anything. You have to know your stuff, else you look a fool!

Plus as a multi-platform live, I can pre-schedule the live’s which promotes them on my social media accounts (visibility), then when I am live (multiplatform visibility). So much time gained back from creating social media posts to promote the videos.

It’s a big win-win in my humble opinion!

The Benefits

  • Time saved editing
  • Time saved promoting before and after
  • Better credability about you knowing your topic!



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