McCall Media Ltd is a Proud Member of The Chamber of Commerce for Milton Keynes and Northamptonshire

Milton Keynes Chamber
Northampton Chamber

Who Are They?

Across the UK, there are 53 Chambers of Commerce. Collectively, each chamber of commerce make up a network of trusted businesses, places, and trade. They represent 73,000 businesses of all sizes that employ almost 6 million people in the UK. 

Additionally, the Chamber is a non-profit organisation funded by its members. It is committed to supporting UK businesses and giving them a powerful voice.

However, the Chamber of Commerce is not a government department. Despite this, being based in Westminster, they express businesses concerns in places of power. Parliamentarians and policymakers regularly ask for the Chamber’s opinions. 

Why Are We a Member?

So why did we seek out membership? The chambers of Milton Keynes and Northamptonshire offer solutions to help businesses and a range of benefits. The Chamber is a platform from which we can grow our business through news publications and networking events. Also, their Global Business Network spans over 40 countries. As a result, we get international representation. 

Furthermore, they protect businesses by helping with HR, H&S, legal and tax issues.  Likewise, being a member affords us the opportunity for exclusive low-cost benefits and access to funding. Finally, the Chamber of Commerce gives us a voice to express our concerns to policymakers in the pursuit of a fair and just working landscape. 

In Conclusion, the Chamber of Commerce provides essential business support whilst providing a vocal platform for change at a governmental level. 

We are also a proud member of The Federation of Small Businesses. Click here to find out more.