Local Business Online

[S1:E10] How to TAKE YOUR LOCAL BUSINESS ONLINE and to productise your knowledge to sell online.

Local Business Online Timestamps:

  • [00:24] The Problem
  • [01:21] Someone, somewhere will pay to learn what it is that you know!
  • — Phase 1: Basic Online Presence & Foundations
  • [02:07] How to take your business online in 2020?
  • [02:09] Branding Logos Colours
  • [02:50] Website
  • [05:05] Social Media Accounts
  • — Phase 2: Engagement Tools
  • [06:58] Email Marketing Lists
  • [07:23] Chat Bots & Groups
  • [07:39] Content Marketing
  • — Phase 3: Productising Your Knowledge
  • [08:44] Productise Your Knowledge
  • [09:13] Tripwire Marketing/Sales Strategies
  • [11:50] Geographical Business Example
  • [13:44] Knowledge is power, people will pay to learn what you know!
  • [15:25] Freelancers Websites

The Problem

Hands-On Services Can’t Be Delivered Through The Internet

So it is fare to say that if your business relies heavily on your ability to deliver your services through a manual labour task, you can’t cut your hands of and send them through the internet.

So your stuck before you start with this concept – or are you?

Geographical Client Base

If your business operates with a local client base, you may think to yourself that the personal touch is all you need.

But, your business can be online 24/7 even when you can not be. You should still have a means to serve and help your clients, whilst you sleep.

The Solution

Productise your knowledge.

It does not matter, who you are, where you are, what colour, age, ethenticy etc… someone somewhere in the big wide world would be happy to pay, to learn, the knowledge and experience you hold in your head.

In this video, I often refer to a Chiropractor Business, as being once that is both geographically and physically labourous in it’s services.

Most Chiropractors are sole-traders or solopreneurs.

There will always be newly qualified Chriopractors entering the industry that lack your wisdom and expertise.

This allows you opprtunity to run coaching, mentoring and other digitalised knowledge based programs and support.

The Benefits Gained

Uncapped Income Opportunities

When you productise your knowledge, you create solutions once, and then have the power to sell that knowledge multiple times. To anyone, anywhere.

This removes your capped income restraints of only being able to serve so many people in an give day, due to the time you have.

Releases You From Being a Slave to Your Business

It allows you freedom from being a slave to your business, you could reduce your physical hours in the clinic and more time at home with the family, or doing things you want to do.


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