Live Streaming Audio

[S1:E26] Live Video Streaming Audio Quality Tools and How-To’s answered!

Live Video Streaming Audio TimeStamps

  • [01:53] How Streamyard Works
  • [04:03] Headsets & Web Cam Audio
  • [05:39] Free Standing Desktop Mic & PC Built in Mic’s
  • [09:14] Audio Settings
  • [10:13] Adobe Audition
  • [11:32] Outsourcing Audio File Editing
  • [12:38] Background Music

The Problem:

Live Streaming Audio
Live Streaming Audio – Questions from Viewer #AskMcCallMedia

Various Audio Considerations:

Where do you begin with your audio live streaming?

Now for me it was a case of using the software and hardware I already had available to me, to see if this live streaming process was a path I actually want to go down “properly” and if it was one that actually “generated results” for my business.

I am happy to report, for both, it was a yes!

One-On-One Audio vs Conversations with Third Parties

Already, this early on in my Live Streaming career, I’ve established that I do not like being teathered to my computer via a cable, and so even though it’s only week 2 of my video lives. I’ve already invested in a small, low-cost free standing mic (it’s just taking it’s time to arrive).

This will work fine for me, when it’s just me, myself and I delivering the videos streams.

However, when I interview my guests.

I will want and need to use a headset with built in mic still.

This is to avoid the audio feedback from the other person talking and my mic pciking up that audio through my speakers thus creating an echoing effect.

The Solution:

I would suggest you work with both a free-standing mic for one-on-one live streams and a headset for your interviews.

If you want to use the hardward for pod-casts, and not sure how to get going you can always record using your smart phone and tidy up the mp3 file in Adobe Audtion.

The Benefits:

The better quality your audio the more empowered people will feel to listen to what you have to say, and not be distracted by the poor qualtiy.

The same can be said about your webcame, viewable quality as well.



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