Introduce Your Videos

[S1:E35] INTRODUCE YOUR VIDEOS: How to introduce your videos (and livestream video’s), what to say, when to say it, how to tailor your intro depending on your target audience and where you video is going to be published.


  • [01:56] #1 Fit For Purpose
  • [03:30] #2 Dual Audience
  • [05:29] #3 Name Your Channel
  • [06:33] #4 Name Yourself
  • [08:33] #5 Name Your Video Title (primary SEO keyword)
  • [09:57] #6 Name Your Video Sub-Title (secondary SEO keyword)
  • [11:22] #7 Name Your Audience
  • [14:02] #8 Live Stream Destinations
  • [16:28] Plan & Prescript to Aid Delivery
  • [16:53] Recap
  • [17:35] #AskMcCallMedia your Questions
  • [18:32] View Question: Do I do 1:1 coaching?

The Problem:

Knowing what to say

Often people jump straight into a task, without really giving deep thought to it, or what’s involved. The outcome may work, but why settle for ok, when you could, with a little planning and insight make the task execute in an amazing way.

When to say it

Old school rule of thought would suggest that you always start by introducing yourself. But do people really care? In this day and age, people want answers to solutions quickly, who delivers that information has become a secondary thought which surfaces only once you’ve proved your value and worth, it’s therefore necessary to name yourself, but ask yourself… is it as important then the topic I am delivering in the eyes of my ideal target audience?

Whom to say it to

Knowing whom your video and it’s content is directed at, means you can highly focus your deliver, provide solutions and give examples that resonate with your audience instead of trying to appeal to the masses.

Why you are saying it

What is it you want to gain from your video intro and delivery. The chances are, attention, engagement and retention in viewers to stay tuned right to the end of your content and then for them to reach out and get in touch with you.

The Solution:

The easiest way is to sit and think about the entire delivery process, for each video and how you want to introduce your videos. Use the topics I speak about in this video as fuel for your thoughts. Outline a little intro script and then commmit it to memory.

Practise it, until you are comfortable at delivering it in a natural way.

Then rince and repeat, just tweaking slightly with each video.

It will soon become second nature so here are some things to think about…

Think about naming you…

The Benefits:

Getting your delivery right, means you will be able to connect with your audience quicker, build relationships with them.

They’ll gain a better understanding of your value and worth to them and their cause.

Everyone will know, in less then a minute what are talking about, who it’s aimed at, how it will help them, why they should listen, how to find out more about you.



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