Hashtags – How do you use hashtags?

[S1:E18]: Hashtags – How do you use hashtags? What are they, what platforms can you use them on?

Hashtags Timestamp

The Problem:

Confusion on how to use them

To many it is obvious, to others it just confusing.

When you are learning to embrace a new new strategy, you don’t have the background understanding on how you’ll benefit. So you fumble through your efforts, learning as you go, until that lightbulb moment when everything seems to suddenly make sense.

The Solution:

Naming Conversations

In their most simple form, a hashtag is for a name for a topic of conversation people want to get involved in.

Like all conversations, you could be wanting to talk about, objects, services, people, please, actions, things etc.

The same could be said about every other person on the planet using social media.

So how then do you follow or engage in a specific topic? You mention that topic’s hashtag in your social media post.

Then when you go to “search” on a specific hashtag (topic), everyone else whose want to have a say, on the subject and who has used the same hashtag, will be seen.

Results are generally returned in real-time with the most recent first.

The Benefits:

Free Marketing & Promotion / Visibilty.


In my video about I use the example of #KetoDiets. If you are selling a product or service related to this topic, you might place this hashtag in your post’s message.

Consumer Audience:

If you wanted to learn more about this topic, you might do a search on your favourite social media platform to see what others are saying about this topic. At which point you search for the term #KetoDiets.

This would allow you to then cross paths with the service provider above. Whose just posted about their advisory service for helping people get started safely.

As you are motivated to learn more, and depending on how the service provider’s message resonates with you, you may well click on the post that sends you to the service providers website’s sales page or other social media platform page or account.

Free Traffic:

Now you’ve just become traffic, generated, for free by that service provider’s benefit. How they then nurture you is a topic for another day.

But that is the power of a hashtag from a consumer and service provider perspective.


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