Facebook Engagement Strategies

[S1:E34] FACEBOOK ENGAGEMENT STRATEGIES – Meet the expert Chris London who talks us through organic Facebook post statistics, how to read them and what they mean.

Facebook Engagement Strategies TimeStamp

  • [00:00] Welcome Introduction
  • [00:33] Chris London introduction and backstory
  • [02:28] Why people should use Facebook for business.
  • [06:23] Various social media platforms and the best strategy
  • [07:46] Where do you start with Facebook Advertising?
  • [08:16] 5 Things to set up on your Facebook Page
  • [08:20] Profile picture
  • [09:02] Cover photo
  • [13:15] Call to action button
  • [14:15] About section / Bio 
  • [15:43] Tabs
  • [17:17] Analytics and insights overview
  • [21:24] Post insights 
  • [25:56] Who are your top audience
  • [28:00] Why should you check your analytics?
  • [30:50] Paid Facebook Ads
  • [33:20] Is it worth having a Facebook Group? 
  • [37:26] Things to remember with Facebook
  • [38:05] Chris London wrap up and social links

The Problem

When you don’t know what is going on with your posts, what are working, what are not, you can not dig deep into resolving the reasons behind why that is. Both good and bad.

The good, you want to know what is happening and why so that you can repeat the tactic for future posts.

The bad, so you know what is failing you and your efforts so that you can avoid.

The Soloution

It’s time to dive deep into your posts, have a look at what is happening, what’s not happening for you and what the stats actually mean that you are reading.

Page > Insights Tab > POSTS

On the left menu click on posts.
This will take you to the stats for all your posts and you ca look through them and compare them side by side

TIME Engagement

Make a note that the time shown is for Facebook in the Pacific Time Zone. use this tool to covert what you see to what it means for us in the UK.

Time Converter

Page > Insights Tab > REACH

This will show you the engagement of your posts from both an organic and paid advertising campagin perspective.

Page > Insights Tab > Page Views

There is a slider at the top of this page, that will show you the statis for a specific date range, slide it left to grow the window

The Benefits

Now and then you will hit a post topic, image of some sort that your audience will love. This is gold. Repeat the way you did this, and what the topic is all about to gain that engagement again in the future.



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