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[S1:E37] DISC Personality Profiles: Learn about the 4 types of personality that we each are dominant in one specifically and how those traits interact with other personality types and styles in “Meet The Expert” with Joanne Wharam.

DISC Personality Profiles Timestamps

The Problem

When I first learnt about DISC Personality Profiles. I was living and working in New Zeland in a sales job in a prestigous gym in Christchurch South Island.

Essentially the team of 5 sales consultants (of which I was one) were all very much a driven style character. We loved targets. Goals, commissions and blowing these settings out of the water.

Which for those personality types we were compatible with, was great stuff, but for those who were the complete opposite, we were most likely a terrifying bunch to becoming face-to-face with.

Luckily the owner of the business, was an ex bank manager and had his head screwed on. Seeing the lack of empathy, calm steady approaches, he hired a DISC and Marketing specilist to come in an “train” us all.

I’ve still got my notes somewhere in a box.

From that day on, I at was at least aware of my weakness to adapt to the steadier style of personality, in my older year I would like to think I’ve also mellowed, but im still a fast talker, especially when I am passionate about a topic.

The Solution

By being aware of the other styles of personalities, their strengths and their weaknesses, means that you can tweak your style of engagement to match theirs. They will LOVE you. You will have the upper-hand as you know what makes them tick and what to avoid.

(Personally, I like this stuff, which is why I also went on to learn lots about body language, but suprisingly not so much about NLP and emotional ineligence which I think is a gap in my knowledge I need to fill one day).

The Benefits

By changing the way you act, talk, walk, and controlling your manerisms means you can adapt an approach that fits nicely with your audience.

They wont know why, but they will love you.

Hence starting todays blog with a story about how this works in sales, but let’s face it,we need to get on with people in all walks of life. So you can use this skill anywhere, anytime, on anyone.

Trust my, it puts an entirely new spin on people watching.



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