Digital Sales Funnels

[S1:E30] DIGITAL SALES FUNNELS: A top-level overview to introduce you to how they work in 2020.

Digital Sales Funnels TimeStamps

  • [00:00] Welcome Introduction
  • [01:18] Why you need a sales funnel in place for your business
  • [04:20] Different areas of a sales funnel from a small business perspective
  • [05:14] Traffic
  • [06:52] Mailing List
  • [10:45] Nurture
  • [11:42] Buy
  • [12:54] Tripwire Strategy – Low cost offers
  • [13:10] Midrange offers
  • [13:37] High value offers 
  • [14:05] Conclusion

The Problem

In today’s world people are bombarded with so many different advertising and promotional strategies, that unless you really look after the process of acquiring your leads and sales, you don’t stand a chance at being able to market your business easily to your prospective clients.

The Solution

A digital sales funnel can engage traffic from both online and offline sources.


The first step of the funnel is to have traffic engage with website/landing pages you own and control.

The reason for this is that you can have tracking pixels hide in the pages code, so that even if the visitors does not part with their data, you still know that they visited.

This could be organic traffic that has seen your social media posts and has chosen to engage with you that way. Or paid addvertising traffic you are pushing to a sales page. Or it could be external people you’ve met off-line at events that have taken a flyer with a unique landing page URL and arrived at your site.

Lead Capture

This is when a visitor to your site or landing page, is interested in what you have to say and what you do, but perhaps the timing is not right. As such they want to remain informed and so choose to subscribe to your mailing list. In exchange for some sort of freebie, or incentive.

Lead Magnet

This is essentially a freebie something that the visitor gets in return for parting with their details. You can think of it as a thank you gift from you to them, for having shown an interest in staying in touch with you. But likewise others like to think of it as a purchase. The visitor has bought that freebie incentive, not with money, but with providing their personal details.


Now that you have an interested visitor’s information in your mailing list, you have a direct way to email them and stay in touch. With every email they receive, they are reminded of you. With each email they open, they get to learn more about you, what you can do for them, and a trust relationship grows. All emails will include a way back to your website and so they remain in a nurturing loop, growing know, like and trust values. That is until the time that they are in need of your services and decide to purchase with you.

The Benefits


The ultimate goal is to entice that prospective client and visitor that you have been nurturing for a period of time to buy from you.

Most business will do this via a tripwire strategy with a very low cost, low risk purchase initally that will provide a WOW factor experience, concreting in their trust in you, ready for bigger purchases to follow when they need to.



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