Digital Prospecting Tasks for Startups

[S1:E18] DIGITAL PROSPECTING FOR STARTUPS: Easy tasks in an hour a day, for free, for small business owners!

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The Problem

How to build relationships with prospects?

If you are like me, you’ve been collecting people on your Facebook and/or Linkedin Profile for years, but if you investigate these people. You’ve had very little, possibly no engagement at all.

How to maximise the use of your time?

As a solopreneur you have to wear many different hats in your business and operations.

When you sit down to do a task, you need to be efficent and productive.

This can only happen if you have a process your follow, a way of working that you know brings results.

Knowing what tasks to do, and how to implement them

How do you engage with your prospects on Linkedin? How to you open conversations with digital strangers? Why bother? Do you know your end goal?

The Solution

Create processes with your end goal in mind, and then simplify that process as much as possible. Think about McDonalds. They don’t sell the best burgers in town, yet are the BIGGEST burger chain in the world and they are operated by teenagers who can’t even tidy their bedrooms.

They’ve taken every task and job, broken it down into steps, with a check-list type activity involved.

There is no thinking, no worrying, no procastination involved.

Just implementation.

Rinse and repeat.

This video basically walks you through some of the daily tasks that I do, socially, online, to be seen, known, liked and trusted. People come to me.

The Benefits Gained

You are efficent, productive, gain focus, feel successful at acheiving your goals.


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