Copy Writing for Websites

[S1:E20] COPY WRITING for WEBSITES: An interview with Steve Church who explains 15 checks we should perform.

Copy Writing for Websites Timestamp

  • [02:59] Copy Writing for Websites
  • [06:30] Don’t Write Speak
  • [07:37] Use Contractions
  • [08:40] Ask Questions
  • [11:25] Use Short Words
  • [14:38] Angela’s Top Tip… Write on your books, leave your future self notes!
  • [15:54] Short Sentences
  • [17:16] Long blocks of text are an effort to read – we are lazy
  • [18:34] Use Bullet Lists
  • [19:34] Be Active, not Passive.
  • [21:39] Angela’s Top Top… write first whilst words are flowing, correct after.
  • [23:48] Cliches – Avoid Them
  • [26:28] Calls-to-Action – no if’s
  • [29:40] Whose it about – You or Me?
  • [32:47] Making Your Point
  • [35:53] Cut-out Redundant Words
  • [38:38] Insert Links – Link on the keyword.
  • [41:51] Leave the best to last
  • [44:33] How to learn more about Steve Church.

The Problem:

Not knowing how to correct your copy

As a small business owner you have to wear many hats.

It essentially forces you to become a jack-of-all-trades with regards to the operations of your business.

You are responsible for promoting and writing your businesses sales copy.

But sometimes, you just need to get a task done, you don’t have time to fuss. So those final few steps like proof-reading your copy get missed.

Becuase even if you once over what you’ve written, you are none the wiser, on how to correct it and what changes you can make to generate more impact.

Overwhelm with to many do’s and dont’s

There’s always an expert that tell’s you, you need to do this, that the other, regardless of what business or industry you are in.

So it’s a rare gem of a find when you cross paths with a person who is tuned in on your wave length, they not only “get” the task, the challenges it creates, but can help you resolve it, either directly, by doing it for you, or guiding you to do it yourself.

The Solution:

One easy to follow checklist of 15 things to do.

That’s why, when I stumbled onto Steve Church’s list of 15 things to when copy writing for websites.

It felt like the final peice of a puzzle in my own arsnel of sales skills had been filled.

Having the gift-of-the-gab, knowing how to stucture the flow of sales copy is one thing, but writing it in physical form (for a person whose borderline Dyslexic) often proved another hurdle I had to valut.

Employ a Copywriter like Steve Church to do it for you.

Funds permitting, I would always advocate getting a professional to write the copy for you.

You put all your time money and energy into making your website astetically pleasing, making sure it performs both functionally for SEO and human interaction, but the words on the pages are dribble.

People fail themselves.

It’s the exact reason that after 20+ years of building websites for small business owners, I created a Sales Copy Writing Formula. So the message can be designed in a way that generates results. It’s just that I will still need someone else to look for those little gramatical errors, that no matter how hard I check… I never spot or see!

The Benefits:

Easier to read copy

SEO Spider Bot Audiences

Website copy is about playing off two audiences and finding a happy medium that makes them both engaged with your content.

On one hand you have the SEO spider bots (call them what you like) but these are essentially websites that scan you site for key words, terms and phrases to register your site and pages in their databanks.

Human Visitor Audience

When someone has a search, they deliver your page along with many others that cover the same topic.

Then there are the human visitors whom the majority of us are trying to please, in order to gain valuable leads and (ultimately) sales from.

Speaking your audience language, making it easily relatable. Is the make or break of you copy writing for websites skill and focus.

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