Client Testimonials

[S1:E12] CLIENT TESTIMONIALS: The 3 key steps to help your clients give you an amazing reivews.

Client Testimonials Timestamp:

  • [00:46] The Problem
  • [02:11] Real-Life Example
  • [04:16] 3-Parts to a Powerful Testimonial
  • [04:40] Step 1: BEFORE – what is the problem, the struggle?
  • [06:46] Step 2: DURING – what it was like working with you, the experience?
  • [07:41] Step 3: AFTER – what was the benefit gained, the outcome?
  • [09:22] Place to publish your testimonials to
  • [10:12] How to collect testimonials
  • [11:15] Testimonial verification/unbiased services
  • [13:27] Video testimonials are best!

The Problem

Weak or Useless Testimonials

You do a fabulous job for a client, really go out of your way to help them out, and they return your efforts with a one-line testimonial like “Fabulous work”. As much as that is nice to receive it does not really help your business or elevate your credibility in the eyes of your prospects.


Asking feels awkward. Uncomfortable, or you ask and the client is happy to provide a testimonial but you have no structure in place to capture it and use it.

The Solution

Knowing the 3 parts of a powerful testimonial, providing a mechanism for your clients to provide one that helps you and makes them feel good.

In this video I basically teach the 3 steps to gaining a powerful testimonial as well as look as some of the service providers and manual ways you can collect the testimonials.

The Benefits Gained

You receive powerful, well versed, credible testimonials that your future prospective clients can relate to. You have material you can share across your social media platforms and website. Raising your status in the eyes of future clients.


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