We are a carbon neutral company.

Carbon Footprint. People working together to recycle waste and plant trees, stylised illustration in blues and greens

McCall Media Studios are proud to be a carbon-neutral business. At the start of the year, we funded a tree to offset the carbon our business generates. As a result, we received The Carbon Neutral Standard Certificate.

What is The Carbon Footprint?

The Carbon Footprint is a certification body for carbon emissions that encourages businesses to monitor and reduce their carbon footprint.

As a small business, it is our responsibility to monitor the impact our organisation has on the environment. Therefore, we display their logo on our website to assure our clients that we cut no corners regarding sustainability.

Why are we Carbon Neutral?

We are a business that operates within the digital sphere. Therefore, we do not produce as many carbon emissions as other industries. However, we still take measures in every aspect of our daily operations to ensure that our business is as sustainable as possible. We try to contribute to the global effort to reduce the carbon footprint and support a green and healthy planet. 

Did you know that forty billion tonnes of CO2 are released into the atmosphere every year? Also, globally, we produce enough CO2 emissions every day to coat our planet in a layer of poisonous gas? Therefore, we take every measure to offset our carbon emissions and play our part to support sustainability. 

We are also approved by the UK Trading Standards. To find out more click here.

Carbon Footprint. A person dressed casually working on laptop in park, stylised illustration in bright warm colours