Business Live Global X McCall Media

Angela and Victoria


For the last 10 years, Business Live Global have been a company that specialize in generating leads for B2B businesses. They promote and manage business events that medium business owners, like you, can join to meet each other. Over the years, it has grown to be extremely successful. They now own a database of over 7000 key business decision makers.

McCall Media are now working with Business Live Global! This collaboration will bring great things to small business owners in the UK so keep an eye out for some new things soon.

This blog article will include a variety of information:

  1. How McCall Media and Business Live Global are working together
  2. Why we have chosen to collaborate

How McCall Media and Business Live Global are working together

Business Live Global provide business development solutions for all businesses. It is a networking club co-founded by Victoria Beale, and in partnership with Bistro Live.

The owner of McCall Media, Angela, has actually known Victoria for over 12 years. They are close friends and met at one of Victoria’s Business Live Lunch Expo’s. How cool! Within the collaboration, Angela is becoming the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) For Business Live Global. In simple terms, this means that McCall Media will be in charge of implementing and fully automating all of the marketing strategies for Victoria, as well as communicating with the internal team regularly. Furthermore, she will be conceptualizing the marketing strategies and physically building the fully automated digital sales funnels.

In the close future, we will be part of many different expo events that all B2B businesses can attend. Business Live Global run many different events all throughout the year, both virtually and physically. You can visit the website here.

Why we have chosen to collaborate

There are a number of different reasons both McCall Media and Business Live Global think it is beneficial to work together in the long run. Not only does it benefit both businesses, Angela and Victoria both work in different ways – meaning that the 2 businesses can “bounce off of each other”.

It is McCall Medias job to take charge of the ‘digital’ side of Business Live Global. The reason for this is because Victoria has decided she wants to automate and scale up her business. In the past, BLG has worked in a manual way. This meant meeting business owners in person and creating a relationship.

As this is working for the business, we are not changing anything, however, Victoria wants to increase her audience as much as possible. To do this, we have discussed that it would be of great interest if we worked together on a digital business strategy. Moving to digital has been proven to help businesses take advantage of data. In time, this can be converted into insights that can be valuable in making decisions and deciding what to do next.

Mixing up the manual and automated work has been proven to grow businesses quickly and successfully.


Overall, it is a great pleasure to be able to collaborate with Business Live and we look forward to what the future brings for both of our businesses.