Beyond Carbon Neutral

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Do you know what it means to be carbon neutral? Well, we can explain it to you. In simple terms, it is when you as an individual or as a business doesn’t release any carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, meaning you are keeping the environment as green as you can.

Doing this can really prove to prospects and clients that you care about the world and are working hard to try and avoid global warming.

In this blog article. we will go over a few points:

  1. How McCall Media is Carbon Neutral
  2. What it means to be Beyond Carbon Neutral Certified

How McCall Media is Carbon Neutral

There are a number of reasons a company can become carbon neutral. Here at McCall Media, one of the most obvious reasons is that we are a digital company and we work from home. This means we save costs and the pollution levels of having an office building. Although working from home still emits some carbon dioxide, we don’t make that level any higher by having another building with carbon being emitted. Power consumption goes down because there are lower electricity bills.

As well as this, we do not have to commute to an office. This means fewer emissions because we don’t need to drive anywhere or use public transport to travel.

Next, because we are a mostly online business, every way that we operate is through digital. This means that we don’t use paper to print anything out and there is a massive decrease in waste documents.

Although this is only a small impact, there is often less plastic usage. The reason for this is because there are less plastic cups and lids being used for coffee, and food delivery services are cut down. As well as this, bottles being used dramatically decreases if you are at home working instead of being out-and-about.

Finally, working from home could also provide employees with opportunities to create a more positive impact on the environment. The reason for this is because home workers often have extra time – meaning they can take steps to better the environment. Maybe planting trees, or composting in your garden. Perhaps cleaning rubbish up in your local park.

What it means to be Beyond Carbon Neutral Certified

Being Beyond Carbon Neutral Certified is great. It gives you a physical self-certified badge that you can put onto your website. Doing this will let your clients know that we want to make a difference in the environment.

Furthermore, Beyond Carbon Neutral was created to gather like-minded companies so that we can all work together to create a better future. If you put the self-certified badge on your website, it may inspire other SME’s to do it as well. The role of Beyond Carbon Neutral is to show the country that we want to make a difference, both nationally and worldwide.

There are a few steps you need to take before you can become certified. Some of these include using the carbon footprint calculator to calculate what you have used in a business within a period of time. Furthermore, you can have a look at different places to offset your carbon. On the website, they provide you with many different resources on how you can work these out.


Overall, becoming Beyond Carbon Neutral certified can really do good things for your business. Showing your prospects and clients that you care about the environment could make the difference between them choosing to use your services or not, so it is seriously worth the consideration.