Beginners YouTube Channel Analytics Explained

[S1:E6] BEGINNERS YOUTUBE CHANNEL ANALYTICS explained! How to read your traffic sources with only a few videos and why you should so early on.

YouTube Channel Analytics Explained Timestamp:

  • [01:16] Channel Analytics Performance Review
  • [01:57] Channel Pages
  • [02:19] External Traffic
  • [03:00] Direct or Unknown
  • [03:19] YouTube Search
  • [05:20] Browse Features
  • [07:15] Suggested Videos
  • [08:20] Average View Time
  • [10:10] Click-Through Rates (CTR)
  • [10:50] Thumbnail/Branding Changes & Tweaks

The Problem

Working mindlessly to create content and upload videos is one strategy. But personally, I like facts, stats and figures so that I can see really what is working and what is not.

That’s why, just two weeks into my channel launch, I’ve already done a full channel review on my performance and analytics.

If there is a problem, I would rather know about it now, sooner rather then later!

What to look for in my beginners YouTube Channel analytics

Step 1: Channel Analytics

Ensure you are investigating the channel as a whole and not a specific video and the time period being reported cover the period you want to check on.

EG For me, at this point I selected everything that had taken place in the past 28 days.

Step 2: Identify those metrics you directly influence

  • Channel Pages
  • External
  • Direct or Unknown

These 3 metrics as far as I am concerned, both at the start of my YouTube career and on-going, are the results of my own personal promotional efforts outside of YouTube.

In other words, what activities I am doing to promote my videos. Such as social media posts on other networks, telling people I meet, digitally networking with like-minded new channel owners online etc.

I am not too concerned what these states report.

So long as I continue to do what it is that I have been doing, then these stats will remain (as percentages) approximately the same.

Step 3: Identify those metrics you influence ONLY

  • YouTube Search
  • Browse Features
  • Suggested Videos

This early on in my YouTube Career and Channel, I’ve no weight, power or umph behind me to help persuade YouTube to show my videos.

So these stats are going to be tiny, minimal in fact.

But they are the most important.

Because they tell me how YouTube is responding to my videos and what it is doing to spread the word on my content.

Everything I do, has to be as a result of getting “YouTube” onboard, and that means making awesome content that my intended market audience really wants and needs.

YouTube Search

How many times members of the public, globally have run a search on a term, that has resulted in YouTube presenting one of my videos as a possible solution.

Currently, my impressions are good, my clickthrough rate not bad, but the watch time is low. This means I need to up my game when I present my videos, content, get to the point quicker etc… so as to be able to engage viewers for longer watch-time.

Browse Features

When you log into YouTube, it instantly presents a number of carefully selected videos for you to watch.

These videos are what generates these statistics and so one aim is to always remain as content people engage with.

Suggested Videos

This is the real player I need to conquer.

Already, since recording this articles video and writing this article, the stat has changed. It’s by far the best approach for generating watch-time hours.

This is where my video is suggested at the end of, or by the side of other videos with a similar topic. So that when the viewer has finished watching one, they can bounce directly on to the next video by a different channel to see what they had to say.

The viewers are highly engaged, and the more I get suggested the more this will powerup the success of my channel.

Step 4: Identify weak areas for improvement

I had two big takeaways from having investigated my beginners’ youtube channel analytics so early on.

issue: Click Through Rate

I am not doing too badly, but I think given the impressions I have been getting, I need to up my game here. If people don’t click on the image, my video and content will never be watched. End of. So I’m perfecting the cutout images of myself, improving the borders and general presentation, but sticking for now with the same approach ish.

Beginners YouTube Channel Analytics
[S1:E6] Beginners YouTube Channel Analytics

Issue: Watch Time

This is quite low.

Having watched the inside reports presented by more established channels, with whom, let’s face it, I am competing with. I really need to jump these statistics up about 4 times better then it’s current performance.

Which means I need to find a way to get into the content delivering of my videos topic quicker, with less fluff at the start.

So watch this space.

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