Beauty LED Ring Light

[S1:E17] BEAUTY LED RING LIGHT by YOOZON: My first (unbiased) product review, fabulous for those on a budget!

Beauty LED Ring Light Timestamp:

  • [00:36] Who are my audience?
  • [01:09] How I currently film my YouTube Videos using my iPhone.
  • [02:43] Who do I think this product is for?
  • [03:30] Unpacking the light.
  • [04:49] Fully assembled product review
  • [07:23] Remote control & app
  • [08:37] The benefits of a Ring Light
  • [11:22] All about the app
  • [13:14] How to find out more information
  • [15:06] Final recap
  • [16:09] Thanks Yoozon for the opportunity

The Problem

Shadows/Poor Lighting

When filming there is often a hidden enemy you have to contend with.

It’s called light.

You try blocking out windows, filming at night, at day, which ever time you do so, there are always lighting issues. Part of your face in shadow or over exposed. Strange shadows being cast on the walls behind you etc.

Phone Stabilisation

There is nothing more irritating then trying to focus on what someone is trying to show you visully on a phone that is wobblying all over the place.

Proping it up and balanceing it on books and other objects or phone holders to try and reach the correct height, and angle.

The Solution

A LED Ring Light, whereby you can light your face clearly, evenly at any time of day or night and be able to adjust the lighting accordingly to your natural light enviroment.

By using a phone holder in the centre of the light, you also gain the correct height and stbilisation whilst the camera is in front of the light, so there are no glare light flares across your film.

The Benefits Gained

Clear beautiful filmed footage, with no sun flares, no dodgy shadows and calm stable footage that remains in focus and at the constant correct angle.


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