An Apprentices View of Working with Ginger Nut and McCall Media


Everybody knows that as an apprentice, you need to be employed by a company. Apprenticeships in the digital sector are often hard to come-by, which is why McCall Media will be taking some on in the near future! We are working with the training provider Ginger Nut Training, based in Colchester, to look for the ideal candidates the company needs.

What Its Like Working With Ginger Nut

Through the eyes of an Apprentice…

Ginger Nut Training provide the most up-to-date apprenticeship standards and frameworks to ensure everyone who studies with them is ready to move forward in their industry and get into the profession they want and are qualified for.

The staff who present the training and lessons are extremely organised and are always looking into ways the apprentice can improve their knowledge, on top of the training they are usually set.

Each and every apprentice is provided with a tutor. They will supply you with your training every few weeks, as well as ask the apprentice about any Health and Safety issues they think might be a concern. Asking the student this verifies that they are safe and the appropriate care is being appointed.

As part of the apprentices training, Safeguarding is offered in most of the training sessions to ensure learners have a broad understanding on what it is and the different areas studied within Safeguarding.

Ginger Nut encourage employers to work with Apprentices throughout their study, to guarantee that they finish it to industry standards. Support is always given to the apprentice to make sure they are equip for the working world, whether or not the employee is present. Many tools and resources are contributed from Ginger Nut so that when exams come round, the apprentice is ready.

Coming into McCall Media as an Apprentice

Working for a new company can be daunting, especially if you are an apprentice and aren’t prepared with all the knowledge you might need to have. We understand this here at McCall Media and want to make the transition as smooth and relaxing as possible.

Angela here at McCall Media welcomes apprentices with open arms. She is able to take time from her working day to ensure the apprentice has tasks to do and understands them completely. If students struggle with what they are doing, she has training videos made personally by her to assist them. Arranged calls each day allow discussion to be made about what is going on within the company at that time.

Staff here at McCall Media encourage training if apprentices feel they need it. Just mention if to Angela and she will do her best to provide you with whatever they feel is necessary.

McCall Media are excited to welcome new apprentices in the near future to expand our small team!