Angela McCall
Multidisciplinary Digital Creative
(Managing Director)

Angela started out a freelance career aged 18, having taught herself to code in the 1990s. Angela studied a BSc (Hons) Computing Degree at the University of Portsmouth (as a mature student), graduating in 2004. with the intention of becoming a software engineer!

As her freelance enterprise grew Angela found a flair for sales and marketing and started to specialise in digital sales funnels, automated lead generation and productising clients knowledge for passive incomes.

In her spare time, Angela keeps her coding skills fresh, by coding (Lua programming language) a 2D Point 'n' Click Mobile App Adventure games, which is fast becoming a secondary business and branch arm of McCall Media Ltd.

Having spent 24+ years freelancing, its' safe to say, there are not many tasks that Angela's has not built, created or published. It the task involves a digital creative technology of some sort, Angela's most likely done it (multiple times)!

I've done the worlds 3rd highest bungee jump in Queenstown, New Zealand. I've always wanted to be able to sing, but the only way I ever hit a note, is with a hammer! I've slept in a the jungle, an ice-cave and climbed Mount Kinabalu in Malyasia!
3 Fun Fact's About Angela
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Rowan Lucas Smith
WordPress Developer

Rowan is a junior developer who recently graduated with a first in Computer Science.

They became interested in development as a way to create the (digital) world around them and fit the tools and tech to the purpose.

They're interested in accessibility and in raising the endeavours of people over the demands of the tech.

Rowan is a fan of open-source and also enjoys tinkering with personal projects in a range of technologies.

I'm an artist, I play Dungeons and Dragons, and I keep Giant African Land Snails as pets.
3 Fun Facts About Rowan
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